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The Cylinder Bottom Brush is designed to easily clean the bottom of a cylinder less than 36″ tall. A stainless steel brush head is inserted on to a 36″ rod which is then attached to a common electric driver. The end of the rod accommodates standard 1/4″ drivers. Being attached to a drill, the operator can control the speed and angle of the brush. The unique feature of the Cylinder Training Services bottom brush is that it uses a plastic sleeve with a customized opening to store the brush and act as a thread protector during the operation. At then end of use it stores the sharp ended stainless steel brush head. Excellent tool when corrosion is found on the bottom of the cylinder.

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Bottom Brush REPLACEMENT piece only

The Cylinder Bottom Brush allows the inspector the ability to spot clean the bottom of a high pressure cylinder. The stainless steel brush will fit into an opening at least 1/2″ wide. The unique system is designed to store the wire brush, protect the threads of the cylinder during its operation, act as a guide, and then be used to re-store the brush without having to touch the brush. You take it from storage, remove the cap, insert the brush into the cylinder and protect the cylinder threads during operation. The rod length is 36″ so it will reach the bottom of many cylinders. The brush rod end is 1/4″ and attaches to many drills and electric drivers.

The system is designed to reach the bottom of the cylinder, to clean a specific zone. If you angle the rod, the brush can clean the lower wall region, but this system is not designed to clean the entire interior of the cylinder. It is an excellent tool for minor corrosion The stainless steel brush is abrasive enough to clean off surface corrosion, but no so aggressive it will damage a metal cylinder. Replacement brushes are easily switched with a common allen wrench.

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Dimensions 9 × .75 × 12 in


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