Cylinder Training Services

If you are in need of gas cylinder safety training, you have come to the right place. There is a great deal to learn and understand when it comes to compressed gas safety training. And it is important to stay up to date with the latest tips and insights.

We have you covered, whether you are:

  • wanting to brush up on your high pressure gas cylinder safety,
  • in need of your scuba tank visual inspection certification
  • want to implement inhouse-cylinder training,
  • looking for additional compressed gas cylinder training,
  • or in need of some other cylinder inspection equipment

Our compressed gas cylinder safety programs make sure you are up to date on your compressed gas cylinder safety training. After all, it is important to be confident when it comes to dealing with cylinder visual inspections.

By having a solid grasp of high pressure cylinder safety and a deep understanding of visually inspecting cylinders, you can be sure your operation is safe, whatever the purpose.

Compressed Gas Training for Individuals and Organizations Alike

We understand that different organizations have different pressure cylinder inspection needs. Whether you need your equipment inspected, or your people trained, we can make it happen. *change tested to inspected*


A high pressure cylinder is generally defined as any vessel which contains over 40 (psig). And from testing to training, it is necessary to make sure high pressure cylinders are functioning properly. From composite scuba cylinder inspection to hydrostatic testing visual inspection equipment, staying in the know regarding your high pressure cylinders is crucial.

We have been inspecting and working in the cylinder industry since 1999. During this time we have exposed many individuals, companies and government agencies to the importance of cylinder safety and proper inspection techniques.

We have worked on or developed training programs for cylinder inspections, the training and proper use of eddy current testing, specialized in training firefighters in the safe use and inspection of their SCBA equipment and the importance of safety training for employees in the workplace.


Cylinder Training Services offers a free on-line inspection tracking. What does that mean? Simply put, after registering as a company or individual, the inspector gets access to an on-line inspection form. When completed, the form is accessible for review and printing.

The on-line tracking system ensures that every cylinder is inspected properly. It then places your data in a searchable format that can be shared within your facility. No need for paper documents. This makes our program easy to follow, and makes your records easy to obtain.

And to make it even easier, the system can be used as a phone APP (android / Apple) or through the web based version: This means that no matter where you are, your cylinder inspection forms can be acquired and out to use in real time.


During the inspection process, unique and specialized tools make the job easier and more economical. After all, having a full grasp of gas cylinder safety means understanding the proper tools. There are various types of cylinder visual inspection equipment that is specialized for visual cylinder inspections.

Cylinder Training Services has customized and designed specialized damage reference plates, cylinder thread viewers, internal inspection lights and numerous other tools used by anyone inspecting cylinders.

Remember, much of the talent and knowledge affiliated with cylinder visual inspection certification (for example) means knowing which tools are most appropriate, and how to put them to use.


Our cylinder visual inspection certification course covers all materials used in high pressure cylinders; steel, aluminum and composite. Our compressed gas cylinder safety training programs also review proper valve maintenance, cylinder cleaning, safe use of fill stations and the numerous rules and regulations governing cylinders.

After completing our training program the user/facility will have a good base understanding of using, inspecting, filling, transporting and maintaining high-pressure cylinders.

We believe that a well-rounded cylinder visual inspection course is necessary for a complete understanding of gas cylinder safety. While you might want to be an expert in a single aspect of high pressure gas cylinder safety, having a robust knowledge is key for accurate and informed pressure cylinder training.

Numerous International facilities and government agencies TRUST and use our compressed gas safety Training Programs, Equipment and Consultation Services:

  • National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Cirque Du Soleil (Aquatics program)
  • Hyperbaric Facilities (Simon Fraser University)
  • Walt Disney World
  • Cryogenics Facilities
  • Fire Departments
  • Bureau of Reclamation (US Government)
  • Aviation and Special Warfare (US Military)
  • Dive Stores
  • Universities
  • Aquariums
  • Hydrostatic Test Facilities

Stay Up To Date

It is necessary to stay up to date with high pressure gas cylinder safety by maintaining your compressed gas cylinder safety training. Whether you are in need of cylinder visual inspection training on your own, or for your entire team, the professionals at Cylinder Training Services have you covered.

Learn more about our compressed gas safety training programs, and be an expert when it comes to high pressure gas cylinder safety.