Industrial and SCUBA Cylinder Inspection Training

Cylinder inspection training is necessary for those teams, facilities and individuals who handle and use pressurized gas cylinders. Perhaps your team members are out in the field working with cylinders on a daily basis. Or maybe they are part of a military unit that is in need of cylinder compliance training. Regardless of their type of cylinder handling, having the proper cylinder training in place is a must.

At Cylinder Training Services, we provide courses on a wide variety of cylinder safety regulations. From

  • Cylinder inspection classes
  • Enhance awareness around industrial gas cylinder safety
  • Establish basic skills such as how to fill a cylinder
  • Proper inspection, use and storage
  • And more

The bottom line: Our gas cylinder classes have you covered. No matter which industry or branch of government.

Safety is always our top priority. Take advantage of our compressed gas cylinder inspection training to keep your employees in compliance with safety and governmental regulations. Or, provide your employees with a refresher to help them simply better understand the cylinders they use and handle.

Staying Current With Cylinder Inspection Training

It is important to stay up to date with your training. Therefore, we ensure certifications are compliant with the most current government regulations. And depending on your employees’ training needs, there are various types of gas cylinder classes we provide certifications for. After all, not everyone’s function is the same when it comes to gas cylinder safety.

Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations, for example, establishes the general requirements for those handling compressed gasses. And specifically, 29 CFR 1910.101 establishes:

  • Safe conditions and visual inspection requirements for all compressed gas cylinders
  • Proper in-plant handling and storage of all compressed gasses
  • Safety relief devices are installed for all gas cylinders

These are only a handful of industrial gas cylinder safety techniques we teach. From standard cylinder inspection training, industrial gas handling to aviation oxygen cylinder safety, we have training courses designed to meet your needs.

Staying Current With Approaches to Training

Staying current with compliance and regulations is not only your responsibility. It is ours as well.

Additionally, we feel it is our responsibility to stay current with our approaches to training as well. This goes beyond utilizing up-to-date training workbooks and textbooks. It means adapting to a modern age.

These days, much of our communication and education can be done virtually. We strongly feel that for an employee’s first time with cylinder safety training, in house, hands on with an instructor is the better method.

However, we feel that cylinder refresh inspection training can be done virtually. There are instances where in-person training might be unsafe, for instance. Or perhaps it is just inconvenient for the student or the teacher to meet in person.

In these instances, our virtual training courses mean that training and certifications are not out of the question.

However, we also provide private training, and groups or facilities benefit greatly from this approach. One of our instructors will actually come to your facility or organization and provide personal, customized cylinder inspection classes.

Independent training is also available, and we provide in-house training programs that can facilitate these teachings for your team. This type of in-house instruction is an efficient option for tasks such as

  • How to fill a cylinder
  • How gas cylinders should be stored
  • And more

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