Cylinder Visual Inspection Program

This one day course provides a comprehensive overview for facilities and technicians who visually inspect, fill and handle high-pressure cylinders. Our Visual Inspection Program (VIP) is designed for both experienced and inexperienced cylinder inspectors. We have designed the program to cover all the important topics in ONE DAY, no need to take more classes over numerous days. Students are provided with a manual and textbook and are issued certificates AND certification cards. Our program meets the qualifications for the required 3-YEAR RENEWAL as well as certification for those persons with no prior experience.

This is our most popular course, covering most aspects of inspecting, filling, and handling high-pressure cylinders. We cover the three primary cylinders being manufactured; steel, aluminum, and composite.  We discuss the design limitations and when to pull a cylinder from service for safety. The course also covers the rules and regulations involving cylinders and facility safety. Other topics that are covered include requalifications, cleaning, valves, and compressor maintenance.

The instructor provides training utilizing lecture, video, and hands-on principles. During the course, the inspector assists the student in properly identifying manufacturing marks and normal wear and tear versus dangerous cracks or corrosion.  If a concern is located, the technician learns to properly document and monitor the cylinder in question.

If the program is taught on-site, the instructor takes the time to understand the facility operation. That knowledge is then incorporated into the training program, make the training relevant to the technician.

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