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Training facilities and individuals to handle, inspect and fill high pressure cylinders

Facilities and individuals that handle high pressure cylinders need specialized training to understand safe handling and proper inspection techniques and to verify cylinders are safe to continue in service. Cylinders are exposed to rough handling, extreme environmental conditions, poor storage and unsafe transportation. Training is needed to ensure safe practices during cylinder inspections and handling. Many governments require specialized training when dealing with cylinders. Our training programs teach both the new and experienced employees how to inspect the cylinder, safe handling procedures, safe filling techniques and proper storage for cylinders. Our program is in compliance with government safety procedures.

CTS also supplies all the specialized tools, equipment and products needed for the proper inspection and cleaning of the cylinder and its valve.

Our training programs cover all high pressure cylinders



Featured products

Deluxe CTS Inspection Kit

Deluxe Inspection Kit contains all of the tools and supplies needed for the visual inspection of all steel, aluminum, or composite cylinders.

Basic CTS Inspection Kit

Contains all of the tools and supplies needed by a fire department, scuba shop, paintball store, ambulance, or aid car to thoroughly inspect all steel, aluminum, or composite cylinders. Purchasing the basic kit saves you 10% over standard pricing.

CTS Damage Reference Plate

The damage reference plate is used to assess internal and external damage which an inspector locates on a solid wall or composite cylinder. The external points are an exact measurement of pits on the outer wall of a cylinder

Mini Inspection Kit

Contains the minimum items needed to do inspections on all steel, aluminum, or composite cylinders. Purchasing the kit saves you 5% off individually priced items.

VIP Inspection Stickers

Set of 100 Inspection Stickers that are applicable for all types of cylinder inspections. They are writable and adhere to cylinders easily for underwater use and other extreme environments. No need for separate stickers, this one handles all fills!

Ceramic Tumbling Media

10lbs - FREE SHIPPING Long lasting ceramic tumbling media. Perfect media for corrosion removal in steel and aluminum cylinders when being tumbled.

Visual Inspection Procedures Class

3 Year Visual Cylinder Inspection Certification - New Students with no prior training. All materials and registrations included in the price.

Deluxe Light set with UV & White

DURABLE, WATERPROOF LED INSPECTION INTERNAL CYLINDER LIGHT SET. White bright LED lights and a UV light strip embedded in an aluminum channel for durability. Comes with a dimming switch to adjust the intensity of the light when inserted into a cylinder. White light extensions available for larger cylinders.