Looking for cylinder visual inspection training, oxygen cylinder handling, composite cylinder maintenance and repair, fire suppression cylinders, or all of the above? Cylinder Training Services does it all, from composite cylinder repair services to cylinder inspection training services, we are experts in the field of all things cylinders.

Our courses cover a wide variety of cylinder safety regulations and can help you and your team learn safe cylinder handling, keep your facility operations safe and provide the necessary tools and consultation to offer you a full-service experience.

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Cylinder Training Services develops safety programs and designs custom tools used by governments and corporations to ensure the safe handling, inspection, use and filling of pressurized cylinders.

Programs to teach you to inspect cylinders and valves. Refresh certification and the opportunity to become an instructor. Learn about oxygen cylinder maintenance, gas cylinder services, cylinder inspection training, and more.

We cover everything you need to inspect cylinders; Lights, mirrors, Thread Viewers and custom kits. Everything is available at our online store. We will deliver directly to you in most places around the Globe.

Want to learn more about our cylinder services? Hop right in and browse the information we share, the free services and the resources.

A FREE online cylinder inspection tracking tool that we built, just for you and your facility. From inspection recording to generating PDFs, our cylinder inspection tool does it all. Everything you need to streamline and record your inspections.


Walt Disney World

Bureau of Reclamation (US Government)

Aviation and Special Warfare (US Military)

National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Cirque Du Soleil (Aquatics program)



FREE Cylinder Inspection Tracking

CYLINDEX is a free program accessible via your phone APP or online at www.cylindex.com. Use the APP to complete and record ALL your cylinder inspections.


Cylinder Blog

We strive to keep our clients updated on the happenings and issues involving high-pressure cylinders. The blog covers safety concerns, cylinder inspections, composite cylinder repair service, and will help dispel some common myths about cylinder services.


Updated Training

Our courses train inspectors with no previous cylinder inspection experience. We also bring new information to seasoned inspection veterans. Our programs are updated every 3 years to maintain the most current information.


Custom Inspection Tools

Cylinder Training Services is constantly developing new tools and kits to make your inspections easier. The tools can be bought individually or in custom-designed kits.



We send out a regular high-pressure cylinder newsletter to keep our customers informed. The newsletter mentions new cylinder inspection tools, training calendar, CYLINDEX App updates and the most recent blog posts.



Cylinder Training Services offers the opportunity to become an instructor and help keep others safe. The instructors combine their extensive experience with our top-of-the-line training program.



Jeff V. - Cylinder Thread Viewer Package
Jeff V. - Cylinder Thread Viewer Package
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Being one of the first in the world to use the thread viewer i am impressed with the development of this tool. The optics and lighting are the best i have used in accessing cylinder threads. USB charging remover the hassle of batteries and the risk of damaging wiring when changing. In my 21 years testing this is the best development on the market and I am extremely pleased I purchased this unit for my business.
Porter T. - Virtual Cylinder Inspection Class
Porter T. - Virtual Cylinder Inspection Class
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Conveniently done online, thorough and informative! There are many dangers when dealing with pressurized cylinders to be aware of, this class is a must if you have dealings with such things.
Sergeant H. - Virtual Cylinder Inspection Class
Sergeant H. - Virtual Cylinder Inspection Class
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The virtual training provided was informative and convenient for students to access the course without needing to travel far or find a classroom for the instructor. I feel that for recertification, the instructor being in person in the classroom is not as critical as when the student is a first time inspector. I hope the virtual training for recertification remains an option in the future.