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Military cylinder safety training is crucial to your military groups. We provide training to those in the field or those stationed at home. After all, it is necessary and important to stay current with aviation and oxygen cylinder military standard regulations.

At Cylinder Training Services, we can make sure your groups remain compliant with military cylinder awareness and protocols. Therefore, as regulations are updated or modified, we update our classes as well. We use only the most current workbooks and textbooks in our classes, so that our students can always remain compliant.

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Military Aviation Cylinder Safety

Safety is always the priority, and our classes reinforce this. We want to impress upon our students the safe handling and storage of compressed gas cylinders. By learning basic functions like filling and transfilling cylinders, you and your group can keep up to date with safety regulations.

Our courses also teach about the importance of visual inspection of all military gas cylinders. Specifically, there are points of focus for reviewing the cylinders, such as the valves. There are also techniques for keeping the filling compressor maintained and functioning properly. This knowledge for ongoing maintenance is necessary for any group safely handling and storing military gas cylinders.

As noted, safety is the priority. And by introducing your team to the proper military aviation cylinder training, you are promoting their safety. You are also promoting the safety of the Military organization as a whole.

Aviation Oxygen Cylinder Military Standards

It’s no secret that there are standards when it comes to the safe handling and storage of compressed gas cylinders. Standards promote safety and keep everyone on the same page. For example, there is no confusion regarding what color cylinder represents flammable gasses. To be clear, the answer is red.Screenshot 2023 02 03 172418

The main aviation oxygen cylinder military standard is known as AR 700-68. Though there are many subsets of this regulation, it has a single overall purpose. This purpose is to establish procedures and responsibilities for the receipt, storage, use, inspection, transportation, and handling of compressed gasses. This includes such factors as installation requirements and approved activities of use.

Subsets within this standard include MIL-STD-101, which establishes a color code for compressed gas cylinders, as well as pipelines. This standard makes sure everyone knows what each cylinder contains. Additionally, this color code helps decipher which rules to apply when handling or storing the cylinder.

Other subsets are (DLAR (JP) 4145.25), (OPNAVINST 4440.2), and (MCO 10330.2D). These various regulations are all part of the larger military aviation oxygen standard, and are applicable to:

  • Thhe Department of the Army (DA),
  • The Department of the Air Force,
  • The Department of the Navy,
  • The Marine Corps, and
  • The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

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Staying compliant with safety regulations is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. We provide courses so you and your team can stay up to date with the latest safety protocols and certifications. Partner with Cylinder Training Services today.

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