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seized valve

Corrosion and Seized Valves

Not protecting the threads between cylinder threads and the valve threads can cause Galvanic Corrosion. This corrosion can seize a valve on a cylinder. It is important to protect the threads from corrosion. Read further to find why it happens.


Cleaning Cylinders

Cylinders are expected to be clean and store their contents without any additional contaminates. If the interior of the cylinder has not been exposed to a contaminate, the gases it supplies should be as pure on the date of discharge as its purity on the date it was added to the cylinder. However, during its normal use, contaminates can enter the cylinder in some unintentional circumstances. Examples include: contaminated water may not be fully removed after hydrostatic requalification’, an improperly functioning compressor may add oil, contaminates may be added if the cylinder loses pressure and creates an interior vacuum or an unsuspecting person may add a component unknowingly. In any of these circumstances, procedures need to be developed to remove the contaminates and maintain the cleanliness of the cylinder.

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