Cylinder Deluxe O2 Inspection Kit


Deluxe Oxygen Inspection Kit contains all of the tools and supplies needed for the visual inspection of all steel, aluminum, or composite cylinders dealing with compressed gases and specifically oxygen. Stored in carbon fiber case.


Our Cylinder deluxe O2 inspection kit has everything you need to inspect composite, steel, or aluminum cylinders, all stored in a hard plastic case.  This kit contains the necessary parts to conduct a thorough inspection of the cylinder and provides components to clean, lubricate, and repair the valves used with oxygen. Added supplies help you maintain a lint-free work area, lint-free cleaning cloths, and ID/inspection stickers to remind the user when the next inspection is due. All the tools come in a custom made hard plastic case with custom rigid foam inserts. 

This kit contains:  

  • Hard storage case
  • 2 oz Oxygen compatible syringe of Tribosyn
  • Silicone 2080L Lubricant Syringe (non-oxygen compatible)
  • Stainless steel storage bin
  • Custom damage reference plate(D.E.R.P)
  • Mini Inspection light
  • Magnifier with light
  • Mirror set / With 2 sizes of 2X mirrors
  • Low Voltage 50,000 hour LED BRIGHT white AND UV  light with dimmer and workbench clips for storage
  • Custom Adjustable Length Probes (C.A.L.P.) for inspecting the interior and exterior of the cylinder
  • 4 oz of Blue Gold for proper oxygen cleaning
  • Cylinder scraper
  • Valve tool
  • 50 CTS waterproof Inspection stickers
  • Hole Punch for stickers
  • Threaded plug set
  • (40) Lint-free pure wipes
  • (10) low lint absorbent pads
  • Permanent marker for stickers and other markings on cylinders
  • (10) size 214 Viton O-rings
  • (10) size 112 Viton o-rings
  • (10> size 014 Viton o-rings
  • (3) Stainless steel picks
  • (20) non-abrasive picks
  • Wire brush to clean 3/4 inch valve threads
  • Soft Brush


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 6 in


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