Cylinder Fire Suppression Program

This program is designed for technicians and facilities which focus on installing and maintaining fire suppression systems. These systems utilize steel cylinders to store the dry chemicals or gases used to extinguish fires in data centers, maritime operations and unique facilities. During the installation of these cylinders care must be taken to install them properly and avoid damage or corrosion. After installation, the cylinders must be visually inspected to ensure they remain safe. A failing cylinder can cause destruction or make a suppression system inoperable.

The course primarily focuses on steel cylinders (3A, 3AA, 4B) that are used in suppressions systems. However we do discuss changes in the industry which may include composite cylinders. Along with the cylinders we review different requalification processes including hydrostatic, ultrasonic and modal acoustic emissions testing. Other subjects discussed are markings, threads, valving procedures and safe handling.

For courses taught on site, the instructor familiarizes themselves with the operation. That knowledge is then incorporated into the training program to make the training more relevant to the facility and technician.

Meets three year HAZMAT certification requirements  

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