Cylinder Training Services Instructor Program

Cylinder Training Services has a Franchise agreement to ensure course integrity. If the potential instructor agrees to the terms of the agreement, they then begin the Instructor Training Process. The instructor candidate will take a course under the guidance of an instructor trainer . Upon completion they have the ability to teach programs offered through Cylinder Training Services.

Cylinder Training Services maintains the quality of the program through enforcement of the franchise agreement. Cylinder Training Services also maintains financial viability by requiring the instructor to use services,  materials and products produced by Cylinder Training Services. 

Training Program
Annual Status

The instructor will be using content developed by Cylinder Training Services. Having the ability to utilize these resources will save the instructor and facility hundreds of hours of production time. It will also save time by not having to constantly update their own training program. Cylinder Training Services will also produce and maintain training certificates, limiting in house record keeping hassles. 

Since CTS will be providing the material they will require that the Instructor / Facility Use only the program designed by Cylinder Training Services. They will also be required to utilize training tools and equipment developed by Cylinder Training services. The franchisee will need to submit registrations to Cylinder Training Services for documentation. 

Cylinder Training Services will be allowing the instructor to teach others, therefore giving up market share. In return the franchise operation will agree to buy materials and products from Cylinder Training Services.

This agreement will be renewed annually. Cylinder Training Services will not assign specific training areas or zones. The instructors will be free to teach wherever they can obtain students. 


  • 18 year of age
  • Experience inspecting cylinders for a minimum of one year
  • Completed at least 75 documented inspections
  • Show a need or desire to train others

Training Program

The instructor program will take approximately 2 days with some assignments being completed before the actual training course. 

  • The Instructor will need to complete a written examination on basic inspection rules
  • Perform three inspections in the presence of a trainer
  • Have 5 previous inspections reviewed by inspector
  • Review and comment on 10 assigned CTS Blog Posts
  • Attend the one day visual inspection program taught by an instructor trainer
  • Present 3 sections of the program – at random – assigned by the instructor trainer
  • Show an understanding of the website and CYLINDEX app

Annual Status

The instructor will be required to teach two courses a year. They will also be required to read the monthly BLOG posts and state comments of clarification. When a new program is disseminated they will be required to purchase and teach the new program. The instructor will also be responsible for annual dues. 

Failing any of these steps could jeopardize their teaching status


  • The actual cost will vary depending on travel expenses and the size of the instructor class.
  • For a baseline, it would require the instructor candidate to teach approximately 10 students to recoup their investment. 
  • Special rates can be negotiated if the candidate helps build a visual class with outside students
  • Annual Dues
  • Purchase of required CTS equipment to teach the course 

If you are still interested in pursuing becoming an instructor please complete the form below and we will contact you.