Stainless Steel Tumbling Media

5lb bag Stainless steel tumbling media. Less abrasive, light cleaning, but has the ability to be cleaned between applications.
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Sold in 5lb bags

This unique stainless steel tumbling media is long lasting and durable. Its smaller size is perfect for less agressive cleaning applications. Its material and design makes it so it very rarely needs to be replaced. its small, pin like diameter, makes it very difficult to wear. The media can be used in steel and aluminum cylinders.

This media is perfect for OXYGEN CLEANING applications. It can remove the final indications of rust or corrosion. Any by-products which happen to adhere to the media can be removed by cleaning the media with a product such as blue gold. Once the media shows no signs of hydrocarbons or residues, it is ready to be used again in another cylinder. Its difficult for contaminates to adhere to the metal structure.

The 5lb supply is adequate for a cylinder with outside diameter of 7.25" / 184mm and 30" tall / 75cm. 5lbs should cover the entire side wall during the tumbling process. More tumbling media may be required for larger cylinders.

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