Optical Plus Upgrade

We can take your Optical Plus and convert it to an internal lithium battery re-chargeable system. We take out the current 3 "N" battery system. We then replace your current system with a USB-c rechargeable battery.

Yuo send us your current OPTICAL PLUS. We remove the "N" battery system and replace it with a rechargeable Lithium Battery. The Lithium Battery is attached to a USB-C compatible charging system. The new battery system will run 10+ hours in between charges. When it dies, plug it in for a rapid re-charge, and use it for another 10 hours. No need to have to open your Optical Plus, damage wires, or locate difficult to find "N" batteries.

  • Red Light charging indicator
  • Blue Light CHARGED indicator
  • Overcharge battery Protection
  • Undercharge battery protection
  • 10+ hours of use between charges
  • USB-C charging cord required

You send us your unit, Shipping charges are for return shipment back to you. We replace your power unit. After payment we will send an E-mail requesting your Serial number so we can track your unit during this process. We provide a one year warranty on the power supply only.

Upon Order you can send it to the either of the following addresses:

  • POB 1445 - Hoodsport, WA 98548
  • 23891 N HWY 101 - Hoodsport, WA 98548

Allow 2 weeks for the unit to be returned.

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