Cylinder Training Services Training Programs

Cylinder Training services offers a number of courses to train employees and keep your facilities safe. All our courses are designed to meet universal training requirements. They comply with the majority of government regulations requiring employee hazardous materials training. We offer a number of options for training. 


  • If you have employees who handle cylinders on a regular basis and they need as much information as possible to make them safe, we recommend that they take a full one day class. Either scheduled / group or public inspection course. We cover cylinders, valves and fill stations. 
  • If you have specific needs for your involved employees then we would recommend you arrange a private course to meet your specific needs. We teach everything in the group class, but can accommodate specific requests for unique fill stations or unique cylinders. You help direct the focus of the class while adhering to all government regulations
  • All employees – anyone working around a high pressure cylinder – needs appropriate HAZMAT training. But they do not need a full day class. To be able to efficiently and affordable train all your staff members we developed a self taught – in house training program. You buy the program and put your employees through the basic hazmat program. This only takes a few hours. and is accomplished with your in house training personnel. It does NOT train them to properly inspect high pressure cylinders. It teaches them to be safe around cylinders and fill stations. 
  •  If you are an experienced inspector or a government licensed re-qualifier, we offer a course to teach you the Visual Plus 3 eddy current instrument. Along with that training we review some advanced thread inspection techniques. 
  • Finally, for those people who want to teach others about cylinder and valve inspections, we have an Instructor Training Program. 

Virtual Visual Inspection Program

ONE-DAY Virtual Visual Inspection Program - Upon completion of our ONE-DAY course, you will have confident knowledge in inspecting all types of cylinders; aluminum, steel, and composite.

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Host a class or set up Private Course

Do you have a number of employees who wish to have training specific to their needs? You need a specific class at a specific location or time? Click here to contact us to set up a date and time which meets your needs

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Eddy Current / Advanced Thread Inspection

Are you looking for specialized training for your Visual Plus 3 eddy current testing instrument? We have combined the Visual Plus 3 training with Advanced knowledge on thread inspections

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Instructor Training

Do you wish to share your knowledge and experience you have with Cylinder Inspections? Are you looking for a recognized program to assist in content and materials?

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Self Taught / In House HAZMAT

Cylinder Training Services has developed an inexpensive program to train ALL your employees in basic HAZMAT involving Cylinders , Fill Stations and Valves

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Scheduled / Group / Public Inspection Courses

Interested in joining a scheduled class in your area? Click her to see our upcoming schedule of courses. If nothing meets your needs contact us about hosting or scheduling a class in your area