Eddy Current / Visual Plus 3

The ONLY AUTHORIZED Visual Plus 3 training course. AIT, the developer of the Visual Plus 3, has endorsed this program for proper training of their instrument.      

One of the dangers of high pressure cylinders is ruptures due to cracks. Locating the cracks should be of primary concern for any cylinder inspector. Our Advanced Thread inspection course takes an inspectors basic knowledge of cylinder inspections and focuses solely on the thread area. The course covers the types of cracks and their causes. The course then uses advanced tools to properly identify cracks versus tap stop marks. Finally,  the course concludes by confirming the cracks and locations using the AIT Visual Plus 3 eddy current instrument.

U.S. federal law requires that certain high pressure cylinders REQUIRE eddy current testing. This course is compliant with federal law and meets the requirements for inspectors and hydrostatic requalifiers.

The course covers:

  • Threads
    • Types and proper sizing
  • The three types of cracksReview advanced inspection tools
    • SLC
    • SCC
    • Torque
  • Review setup and operation of the AIT Visual Plus 3 eddy current instrument

This course is designed specifically for Re-Qualifiers and those wanting advanced knowledge of Eddy Currents and threads. Due to its unique content and required equipment we ask that people contact us to schedule and review pricing. 

If you would like further information about this program, please complete the form below and we will contact you.