Deluxe inspection Kit

Contains all of the tools and supplies needed by a fire department, scuba shop, paintball store, ambulance, or aid car to thoroughly inspect all steel, aluminum, or composite cylinders.

Everything a fire department, paintball store, dive shop or inspection station needs to inspect composite, steel or aluminum cylinders. This kit contains the necessary parts to conduct a thorough inspection of the cylinder, and provides components to clean and lubricate the valves and threads.

This kit contains:  

  • Custom designed CTS damage reference plate
  • Inspection light with magnet
  • Mirror set / With 2 sizes of 2X mirrors
  • Stainless Steel storage bin
  • Low Voltage 50,000 hour LED BRIGHT white light with dimmer and installation clips
  • 3 stainless steel probe/cleaning tools
  • 2080 - silicon lubricant
  • Lint free absorbant pads
  • Custom made, detachable, inspection probes for the interior and exterior of the cylinder
  • 50 waterproof / writeable inspection stickers
  • Cylinder scraper / pens / O-Rings / valve tool
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