Cylinder Handling Program

Employees who are in the vicinity, handle or fill high pressure cylinders need the government required HAZMAT training. Governments require that persons working with or around hazardous material are properly trained to avoid injury and accidents. Any cylinder over 25 PSI (2 BAR) is considered hazardous material. 

The Cylinder Handler Program deals with the staff or technician who may not be responsible for visually inspecting the cylinder for safety. The course discusses when to notify a technician of an unsafe cylinder, but does not teach the nuances of how to inspect. This course focuses on safe handling practices, how to interpret markings stamped on a cylinder, and safe filling practices. 

The student will be provided a workbook and textbook.  During the course they will interact with the instructor, being given the opportunity to ask questions specific to their concerns. At the end of the program the student will be tested on their knowledge and awareness of safe cylinder handling. Upon successful completion the student will be provided with a certificate of completion valid for 3 years, complying with government standards. 

During classes taught at a facility, the instructor will review the operations and apply that knowledge during class. This provides practical lessons in an environment where the student will be operating. 

Meets the three year HAZMAT training requirement

If your technician will be tasked with  inspecting and measuring damage, we recommend our full one day training. 

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