CTS LED Flex Light

LED Flex light with bright 5MM LED, flexible arm for better viewing and visibility and a magnet on the end to stay in compliance with DOT Inspection regulations.
products.sku: LEDFLEXLIGHT
AAA LED Flex light with bright 5MM LED and flexible arm for better viewing and visibility.  Aluminum construction is compact in design with a tail cap twist on/off and magnetic end.  Light fits into small openings for ease of cylinder inspections. The light can be used for inspecting the threads of a cylinder or for inspecting the interior of small cylinders.
The light has a built in magnet on the end. During a DOT inspection all you need to show them is your light to cover the requirement of having a magnet at the inspection site.

Inspection Mirrors, set of 2

This is the primary tool for inspecting the neck area of all cylinders. Set of two inspection mirrors, size 0 and 1, 2x magnification with extension handle for inspecting inside cylinders.

VIP Inspection Stickers (100)

Set of 100 Inspection Stickers that are applicable for all types of cylinder inspections. They are writable and adhere to cylinders easily for underwater use and other extreme environments. No need for separate stickers, this one handles all fills!

Inspection Probes

The inspection probes are used to help assess the depth of damage both internally and externally. The probes come apart for easy storage or can be lengthened for tall or deep cylinders.

Valve Tool

A slotted tool to assist in the disassembly of the valve handle.