CTS Damage Reference Plate

The damage reference plate is used to assess internal and external damage which an inspector locates on a solid wall or composite cylinder. The external points are an exact measurement of pits on the outer wall of a cylinder

This tool is marked with both imperial and metric numbers. It is a measuring tool, a depth estimator and has an external edge measuring points for accurate measurrements of external damage.

This customized tool is 2X3 (50X76) with external probe measurements, a hole for hanging and the most common depth limitations on most cylinders. It can be used to measure gouges using either side ( 2" (50mm) or 3" 76mm) the 2"/50mm side has the external marking of .060"/1.5mm - it can easily tell you if a dent exceeds the allowable limts with a quick look.

The damage reference plate is used to assess internal and external damage which an inspector locates on a cylinder.  This specific plate is customized with damage depths from .01(.25mm)  to.100 (2.5mm) and external probes to examine cylinder exterior damage from .025 / .5mm  to .06/1.5mm. This is a great tool to have by the filling station so filling station operator can do a quick check if any concerns are present. A safety tool at a low price - a necessity for all those dealing with cylinders.

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