Class Sign Up Page - General

Thank you for your interest in the visual inspection class offered by Cylinder Training Services. Our courses are compliant with government regulations, are backed by an international insurance carrier and monitored by an ISO compliant corporation. Choose the best option below and it will bring you to the payment page for your course. 



You have not had any formal training, this is your first course dealing with high pressure cylinders / valves and compressors


You have prior training with cylinder inspections. You are looking for 3 year renewal training. We honor all training organizations* and our course is compliant with required 3 year HAZMAT refresh training. 

* We may contact you for verifcation of prior training. This may be in the form of your certification number or training location. we honor the majrity of recognized training organizations. 


If you are interested in becoming an instructor certain prerequisites must be met. Clicking this button will tkae you to the page which lists the different options. We will not accept payment for this level of training until we have verified all the prerequisites have been met.