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oxygen and nitrous oxide tanks

Basics of Oxygen cylinders. What you need to know.

Oxygen cylinders are important in many different types of industries, from aviation and healthcare to industrial gases, but they can be dangerous. It’s important to know how they should be used safely. What do you need to know about oxygen cylinder use and how to stay safe? What are the inner workings of an oxygen cylinder? Another important aspect of oxygen cylinders is knowing what to do with them when they’re empty. They’re not disposable, obviously, so what do you do to return, refill or dispose of them?


Cylinder Safety – 5 incidents in one month

Cylinder safety is not a guarantee. Many times the cause of the incident can not be determined. 5 cylinder incidents over a one month period of time shows that the cause is not easily determined. Basic safety handling is important to help ensure your personal safety.


Cylinder Ruptures in U.S. cause fatalities

Cylinders rupture all over the world, for many reasons. Some people believe that since it happens in some countries, it wont happen to them in their country. People handling cylinders become too comfortable . Constant training will help avoid accidents, investigations and civil litigation.

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