Deluxe Light set with UV & White

DURABLE, WATERPROOF LED INSPECTION LIGHT SET. White bright LED lights and a UV light strip embedded in an aluminum channel for durability. Comes with a dimming switch to adjust the intensity of the light when inserted into a cylinder. White light extensions available for larger cylinders.

DURABLE, WATERPROOF INSPECTION LIGHT SET. This slim, lightweight design allows the light strips to be inserted and twisted easily within a cylinder, allowing a full 360 degree view of the interior. The strips can be used individually for smaller cylinders or connected to create a longer lighting source, all with a quick connect feature that wont come undone while inside the cylinder. The LED strips and connectors are waterproof. Each strip is encased in aluminum making it very durable.

The LED Light Set comes with materials to easily mount the strips for use on your workbench when not using for internal cylinder inspections. Extension pieces available for inspection of larger cylinders.

White Light specifications

Color: Bright white with built-in dimmer switch

Working voltage: DC 12V
Lumens: 200-240lm
Life span: 50,000 hours
LED quantity: 15 LEDs
LED source: SMD2835

UV Specifications:

UV LED lightWavelength: 380~400nm

LED quantity: 15LEDs

Power: 1.4W

Voltage: 12VDC

Emitting Color: UV

Product Size:250x12x7mm

Materials: Aluminum+Silicone glue

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