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Valve Tool

A slotted tool to assist in the disassembly of the valve handle.

CTS Damage Reference Plate

The damage reference plate is used to assess internal and external damage which an inspect...

Mini Inspection Kit

Contains the minimum items needed to do inspections on all steel, aluminum, or composite c...

Stainless Pick

Stainless pick used to clean hard to reach areas of the valve and cylinder threads.

UV Light / No Power

This UV Light can be added to a current CTS white light kit. This UV strip does not come w...

UV Light / W power source

This UV light can be used to help detect Hydrocarbons when oxygen cleaning a system. This ...

Deluxe Light set with UV & Whi...

DURABLE, WATERPROOF LED INSPECTION LIGHT SET. White bright LED lights and a UV light strip...

Inspection Mirrors, set of 2

This is the primary tool for inspecting the neck area of all cylinders. Set of two inspect...